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About Me


When I was nineteen and working in an ‘adult novelty boutique’ I would never have imagined ending up as a birth worker. The irony is not entirely lost on me.

Since those saucy toy peddling days, my career path has taken me through many awesome and enriching experiences but at the core of all that I’ve done has been my deep love for humans.

I married my teenage sweetheart (cue gross clichés about soul mates, love of my life, blah blah). After realising we were ready to become parents, we spent a while hoping, then doubting, tracking cycles, sitting in clinic waiting rooms and shedding tears until we finally, miraculously, got that glorious double line. As my burgeoning belly grew, a friend suggested hypnobirthing to me in passing; my husband and I decided to skimp on all the other material trappings of baby preparations and instead spent our money on a course.


1. I understand that birth is more than the physical experience. I know that the very unique experience of bringing another human into the world can be emotional and profound. Birth is not a competition, every type of birth is birth. What I want is for you to have a positive, confident experience, in the knowledge that whatever course your birth took, it was the right birth on the day for you.

2. I hold the role of the birth partner in high esteem because I know that the day that you birth your baby, is also the day that you are born as parents. I want you to start your journey as a new family in the most positive way possible and what better way to do so than working together to birth your baby.

3. I believe passionately that being informed and empowered is the best way to ensure that your birth choices are YOURS. Own your birth.

4. I know that a beautiful, orgasmic, pain free birth is possible because I did it. Twice.

5. I’m all about you! Parents make the world go round. When that tiny human is cooking away nicely in the oven it’s easy to forget that we’ve already become a parent and we already need love, support and understanding to help us build a great foundation to continue our parenting journey so it can be a positive and beautiful experience for both us and our sproglets.

6. I will always have time for you.

I breathed and relaxed my butt off and do you know what? It freaking worked!

And now we have three small humans. I’m a bit biased but frankly, they rock.

My birthing experiences were all very different yet still utterly euphoric in every way. I wish I could repeat that high every day.

So that just about sums me up… there’s other stuff like:

I can’t cook…seriously, not even an omelette. It’s dangerous when I try.

I swear… a lot (I’m working on this…especially now that man cubs are repeating my words back to me. Eek!).

My happy place is cavern diving.

EVERYTHING has brought me here to this point – to MEET YOU and to SUPPORT YOU as you become parents.



Don't take my word for it... 


"Siobhan is one of the most genuinely caring and warm people you will ever have the good fortune to meet. She is a passionate believer in calm birthing for everyone and will stand strong by your side as an advocate for what you want from your birthing experience, you want this lady in your corner. Siobhan has given so much to us as a family and I am positive that our birth was the straight forward and gentle experience it was because of her guidance and the advice she gave us. Thank you Siobhan, we are forever grateful for you being in our life X." - ED

"From our initial session, right up until leaving home for the MLBU, Siobhán’s caring nature, incredible passion and strong belief in giving parents-to-be an alternative birthing choice, helped us to have a wonderful pregnancy, and a truly special birth." - Martin

"A huge thank you to Siobhán for helping us every step of the way.... before, during and after labour. If you've got a little bubba on the way, I really can't recommend this lady enough" - KJ

"Thank you so much for having played such a big role in the lead up to giving birth. The whole course and affirmations and the hypnobirthing tracks put us in the right state of mind for birth and helped us looking back on an incredibly intense but really positive experience!" - T & J

"My hypnobirthing course with Your Tiny Human is where the start of a hugely positive pregnancy and birthing experience started. My whole mind set was altered and I believed I could make this something wonderful and something I could shout from the roof tops! I cannot thank Siobhán for everything she did for us. A life changing experience" - LN

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