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A quote from The Wise Hippo:

“We believe a ‘positive birth’ experience is a state of mind; it’s not defined by what happens during labour and birth but by how a woman feels about her baby’s birth. Because of this belief we are able to teach skills and knowledge that empower women to trust their instincts and ensure that their baby has the right birth on the day.

We respect that every woman has the right to choose the birth that she wants for her child (whatever that may be) and we trust that our clients know what is right for them”.

This programme is designed for those of you who have made the decision that a Caesarean birth is the right birth for you. At Your Tiny Human I strongly believe that BIRTH IS BIRTH no matter how it happens.

Although you’ve made a big step in making this decision to have a Caesarean birth,

  • Do you feel scared about having a C-section?
  • Does your partner know how to support you?
  • Do you want to learn how to gain confidence in your elite medical team by negotiating what’s really important to you ?
  • Would you like to be able to enjoy being in theatre and feel excited and not scared about what is happening to you and your baby?

The ‘Confident C-Section’ programme has been written to give you a voice on how and when your baby is born and enable you to take control of your birth.

You will have already gone through the process of questioning and reviewing information that has led you to this decision; however, if you have any doubts about your decision, do contact me and we can talk through the ‘negotiation process’ first, before booking this course. This will ensure that you feel confident that it is the right choice for your baby’s birth.

Many of the techniques in the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme are suitable for helping you to stay calm and make informed choices; however, this version of the programme has been written specifically for the issues involved in choosing a C-section.

This programme is full of factual information about caesarean birth, along with simple to follow tools and techniques, so that you are able to:

  • Alleviate any fears
  • Build confidence
  • Become an expert in relaxation
  • Ensure that you are always the ones in control of your baby’s birth

My aim is for you to leave The Wise Hippo Confident C-section Programme feeling excited, empowered and confident that you have the skills to remain calm, relaxed and in control throughout your pregnancy and birth.


  • A 7.5 hour programme that typically runs as 3 x 2.5 hour classes
  • All course materials including 8 x mp3s
  • Access to a private area of The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing website
  • Access to a VIP Facebook group for further support and to connect with other couples
  • Loads of extra resources
  • A goodie bag. Seriously, who doesn’t love a goodie bag?
  • Follow up emails and support right up until your baby arrives
  • For Private Clients: As well as having a more personally tailored experience, I also offer a ‘refresh’ session between the completion of the course and your baby’s arrival if you wish.


WOAH, that’s a LOT of stuff!


£300 - I currently only run this as a PRIVATE course as each couple’s scenario is so personal.


    The Confident C-Section Programme is 7.5 hours typically split into 3 x 2.5 hour classes. They are usually attended by Mum and Birthing Partner. The Birth Partner is the person who will be by your side during your birth. They could be your intimate partner, your baby’s Daddy, your sister, your mum, your doula etc.

    It’s ideal for you to be between 20 – 35 weeks of pregnancy allowing plenty of time for practice. For more on when do I start? please visit FAQs.

    INFORMATION – becoming empowered so that you can make confident, informed decisions

    TECHNIQUES & TOOLS – how to stay calm, relaxed, focused and in control

    PRACTICAL BIRTH PLANNING – creating your ideal birthing environment, birth preferences, negotiating.

    BIRTH PARTNER – how to make the ultimate birthing team!

    BONUS – ‘Skills for life’ which can be used long after your baby is born in many different situations.


    Class One - Here comes the Science.

    • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials
    • What are you feeling about your C-section
    • What is a C-section
    • Defining Hypnosis
    • Mind / Body connection and healing
    • Cloak of Protection
    • Taking charge of your thoughts
    • Dealing with negative influences
    • Soothing strokes

    Class Two - The mega relaxation session...mmm...

    • Reducing anxiety
    • What is Relaxation?
    • Managing pain
    • Bond and Breathe
    • Self-Hypnosis
    • Eyes Open Hypnosis
    • Time Distortion
    • Anchoring
    • Birth Partners Script
    • Fear Release

    Class Three - Discovering your options.

    • Negotiation
    • BRAINS
    • Choosing where to have your baby
    • Choosing who will be with you
    • When to have your baby
    • Birth environment
    • After birthing your baby
    • Going home
    • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
    • Writing your birth story
    • Birth Partner’s role
    • Using all your tools during preparation and birth

    Post Birth Session - Where cake and tea are consumed. Mega YUM!

    This additional FREE session is open primarily to mama and baby but birth partners are of course very welcome to join us.

    When your new tiny human is here, I will visit you in your home at your discretion. This is a great opportunity for you to share your birthing experience in a positive and supportive space. If there were any moments you felt did not go as you had wished, you also have the opportunity here to chat about them and regain some confidence. Plus, lots of newborn cuddles and cake!

    For Private Clients, this session will be held at your discretion, in your own home.