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Put succinctly, a Birth Doula is a non-medical birth professional. She (but there are male Doulas too!) is specially trained in the art of giving emotional and practical support throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. She is the friendly face that YOU chose to be by your side throughout your journey. She offers unbiased guidance and support for you to make informed, confident choices so that you may feel in control of your birth, regardless of the kind of birth you choose to have. She 'mother's the mother' and supports the birth partner.

I trained as a Doula with Developing Doulas and am a Registered Birth Doula with Doula UK.


I will walk through this part of your parenting journey with you, wrapping you in a warm blanket of care, nurture and love. I do this by truly listening to you; hearing your story, your fears, your desires, your wants and needs. We will work together to to validate and soothe fears and we will promote all the things that make you feel safe, nurtured and confident.

As I get to know you, I will tailor my services to whatever your unique family needs, ensuring always that I gently support mum and birth partner. I will be an emotional support, a calming presence, and a bringer of compassion but I will also bring enthusiasm, smiles and some giggles.

I bring a range of knowledge and practical skills which I am continuously adding to and updating. I also have a lending library of books, birthing pool, birthing balls and rebozos for you to use.

My aim is to ensure that your birth is a positive experience for all of you and will be a wonderful foundation for your transition into parenthood.


"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers

~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

- Barbara Katz Rothman -


My services are flexible depending on your needs, but below is a basic framework:

  • Two antenatal sessions during which time we will discuss all elements of your desires for your birth. Sometimes these sessions may include talking through previous births or fertility journeys, your birth options, your preferences and much more.

  • Access to a lending library of books, birthing pool, birthing balls, rebozos, local information and links.

  • Continuous care via phone/text/email from the moment we begin our journey together (no matter how early on in your pregnancy).

  • I will be on call for you from 38 weeks - 42 weeks (or until your tiny human arrives).

  • When labour starts: I will be available 24/7 via phone for support and will join you whenever you instinctively feel you would like my presence. I will remain with you through labour and birth, slipping away after your baby has arrived and you are content.

  • One postnatal session usually within a week of your birth. This session is to reconnect, talk over any part of your experience and I can offer further signposting or support.

  • Continuous care via phone/text/email until six weeks after baby has arrived.




(Do get in touch to find out how I can doula you in pregnancy and to be referred to your wonderful local birth doulas)


I place great importance on the relationship with my clients and their partners. Meeting me first, is the best way that you can discover more about how I might best support you and your family. It also provides us with an opportunity to know each other a little better and see if we connect. This initial meeting is free and there is no obligation. I always recommend that families meet with several doulas in order to find their best match. Doula UK has a list of questions HERE to prompt discussions.

I live in the Norfolk Broads and therefore cover that area as well as Norwich and its surrounding areas. 

If my words resonate with you, please get in touch and we can have a chat about your birth:


Phone/text/whatsapp: 07725232233

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