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After running a marathon a runner might get a cheeky little massage to soothe her well used legs, right? Well it seems entirely bonkers that we don't afford the same level of self care to a body that has grown, laboured and birthed a tiny human. A woman's body goes through much much more than just one marathon.

Many western cultures have gradually lost the traditions around womanhood and motherhood. It is a great sadness as many of those traditions existed for very practical reasons and we suffer in their absence, without even realising it. Thankfully, many other cultures around the world have retained their innate understanding of the vulnerability of a new mother and her need to be properly cared for, so we can look to these traditions in order to rediscover new mother nurture. Enter, Closing the Bones.

This massage hails from Ecuador where women are massaged within hours of birth which helps restore the uterus and several more times within the first 40 days postpartum. The purpose of the massage is restorative both physically and emotionally. At the physical level, it moves hormones and stimulates blood flow which in turn quickens the cleansing of toxins. During pregnancy and birth, a woman's hips gradually open, becoming wider and wider and so Closing the Bones works to close the hips as much as possible back to their original width. At the emotional level it can bring relief, acknowledgment of any trauma, lay the foundation for emotional renewal and bring closure to the pregnancy and birth journey.



I conduct Closing the Bones in the comfort of your own home. We will begin with a gentle chat about your motherhood journey after which I will prepare the space for your massage which will take place on the floor. Using a traditional Rebozo woven shawl, I will gently, rhythmically rock your pelvis and then using oil I will softly massage your belly and hip bones by hand. As the massage draws to a close, your hips will be bound with the rebozo and your body will be wrapped head to toe with cloths. I will hold space with you as you lay there in deep reflection and relaxation.

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DURATION: Allow around 2 hours

WHERE: In your home. Please do send me a full address (for good old sat nav) and let me know who else might be present on the day (family, children, dogs etc). (+mileage)

WHAT DO YOU NEED:  This massage takes place on the floor. I will bring all mats and blankets required. Please wear comfortable clothes and something on your lower half that can be wiggled down to expose your hips to massage.

Please do let me know in advance if you have any physical or medical conditions that may impact your massage.


1 session: £65

A block of 3 sessions: £167

I offer a 10% discount for midwives and birthworkers as a small way of saying thank you for all that you do and because when you serve women as you do, you need self care and love in abundance. xx