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SNOW BABY: Top tips for preparing for a snowy labour

Siobhan Ridley


How gorgeous has this snow been?! My garden actually looks tidy, haha. However, snow isn't great for everyone and we're not the best equipped country when it comes to dealing with a bit of inclement weather. This got me thinking that for those of you who are waiting on a tiny human, it can add an additional worry. It is therefore more important than ever to make small adjustments to your preparations in case your uterus decides this little one is going to be a snow baby.

I've written this particularly with those in mind who are travelling to the hospital/maternity unit to birth their baby. 




To do in the days before

  • Ensure that you have everything for DE-ICING the car actually IN the car so it's easy to hand for journeys both to and from the hospital.

  • Check lights, water in jets, keep petrol TOPPED up. 

  • Keep an eye on encroaching weather...I mean, don't go all out weather nerd but be mindful of any weather warnings.


When she goes into labour

  • Start preparing the CAR a good 45mins to 1hour before your intended departure time from home to the hospital:

    • Clear driveway

    • De-ice

    • Check traffic warnings on your route.

    • Hot water bottle on the passenger seat

    • Start the engine to get it all toasty warm

    • Pack lots of towels and blankets

    • Pack the car with all the bags

  • Fully charge PHONES and take all the chargers.

  • Allow plenty of TIME for the car journey. It's a tricky balance, you don't want to leave home any sooner than necessary but you need to account for traffic delays and slow labour-sensitive driving speed.

  • Drive SLOWLY to hospital.

  • Drop mum off at the hospital entrance so she avoids the slippy walk from wherever you park the car. She can also go inside and stay in the warmth.



Waiting for baby

  • In this snowy weather, avoid taking unnecessary journeys in the car and if you do travel ensure your SEAT BELT is positioned properly over your lap and around your bump. Take BLANKETS and snacks in the car and don't travel without a fully charged phone. Phone/text someone before you leave and when you arrive so they know you have arrived safely.

  • In this weather, also avoid walking anywhere too slippy and if you do go out for a walk wear super warm and GRIPPY shoes.

  • If it's your estimated due date or after, and your birth partner is at work despite the snow, consider asking a close relative or friend to come and hang out with you or pop in to say hi. If you do go into labour, you'll have SUPPORT and company whilst you wait for your birth partner to return home (as delays in this weather are possible).

  • Put out lots of warm clothing to pop on before leaving for the hospital/MU.

  • Pack lots of warm clothes for you and baby for the return home.

  • Hot water bottles and snuggly socks. All. Day. Long.


Your birthing day

  • Leave dealing with the weather to your birth partner. Your job is to hang out in your oxytocin bubble and ride those contractions (surges).

  • Remember to use your DEEP RELAXATION tools (breathing, visualisations, happy place, self hypnosis etc) particularly for the transition from home to hospital.

  • If at any point you have concerns about your situation phone your midwife.

  • If you're in labour and it becomes apparent that the weather is going to be very disruptive, phone the midwife and perhaps phone 111 or 999 (if it's emergency) in order to have an ambulance at the ready.


ABOVE ALL, stay calm and confident. You've got this! You've been preparing for the day, don't let a few snowflakes wobble you, you're going to meeting your baby soon, Yay!