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Siobhan Ridley

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You may know some collective nouns for various animals, such as: a flock of birds; a pod of hippos; a crash of rhinos (my personal fav!), but did you know that the collective noun for a group of doulas is a cuddle? Yup, it’s true.
Why a cuddle you might ask? There was a study conducted on the benefits of cuddling on human physiology and what it found was that this simple human contact lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones), increases oxytocin levels (love and nurture hormone), lowers heart rate and blood pressure and generally helps to restore an equilibrium to the body and mind. Studies on the efficacy of doulas have alluded to similar effects. I don’t know who actually coined the term ‘cuddle of doulas’ but it couldn’t be more apt. So you can imagine what it’s like when a bunch of us get together! It’s like diving into an ocean of oxytocin.

Did you know that we have our very own cuddle of doulas in Norfolk? Yup, in our own little county we have a bunch of amazing, passionate woman whose mission it is to support and nurture women and families of Norfolk. And when you tap into a Norfolk Doula, you are accessing the whole cuddle of wisdom.
As I sat in a cafe recently I overheard a woman telling her friend about ‘her’ doula. I left that cafe beaming from ear to ear in the knowledge that a woman had felt nurtured throughout her pregnancy and birth. That she had reached out and received the care that us doulas ache for all women and birthing people to have. The fact that I had not been her doula didn’t even enter my mind…I was just purely, unequivocally overjoyed for her!

I would like to cordially invite you to meet our cuddle of Norfolk Doulas.
The website is still a work in progress but I’m too excited not to share. We have a number of super scrumptious doulas ready to walk with you through any part of your journey from bump through to parenthood and beyond. We are a brilliant collective of doulas, supporting each other, supporting you, passionately spreading oxytocin throughout the county. Because oxytocin is the shiz and non-judgemental support, care and love are ALWAYS necessary for EVERYONE!

So do head over to NORFOLK DOULAS and get in touch if you’d like to find out more or just have a chat!

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